Peer Support for colleagues in Bluelight and Military Communities.

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Trojan Wellbeing provides a network of Peer Support Groups across the U.K.

Access to Professionally trained Counsellors, Therapists and Wellbeing Providers, many of whom are from a Military or Emergency Services background.

“A superbly structured course (I have dyslexia and this course was well suited to my needs offering bitesize information in a multiple of forms: text, visual and interactional) Steve Thornton lead with care, generosity and clarity. The environment Steve carefully cultivated over the course delivery produced a productive working atmosphere of safety, trust and honesty.”

We are currently on a mission with a new project.

Our aim is to help colleagues struggling financially, whether it be through Misconduct, ill health or just the cost of living.

We can help them save as customers on average £600 per year off their household bills.

There is also the opportunity in becoming one of our UW Partners and earning a bit of extra cash. The potential to go onto serious earnings is also available.

Steve “Lobby” Thornton

A little about the founder of Trojan Wellbeing, Steven Thornton:

Steve ‘Lobby’ Thornton, is a retired Metropolitan Police Officer, having completed 30+ years, and a Civilian Senior Firearms Instructor for 6 years. Starting as a Cadet in 1982, Lobby joined the job in 1983 and began working in busy Inner London before transferring to SO19, the Met’s Firearms Unit in 1995. He then worked as an Operational Firearms Officer and a National Police Firearms Instructor. Lobby is also an experienced Post Incident Support Program Selected Instructor, a Welfare Coach for the Police Firearms Officers Association, an Ambassador for Police Care UK , a TRiM Manager, and a Founder member of the National Prevention of Police Suicides Group. Lobby is a very proactive and forthright Wellbeing Champion, working tirelessly on behalf of colleagues within the Met and across the UK.

“My passion is the wellbeing of my colleagues; serving and retired as well as the families behind them who are often overlooked when it comes to welfare support.

Professional qualifications include:

MHFA Instructor Feb 2020

TRiM Manager June 2019

National Firearms Instructor Mar 2007

• Retired Police Officer, 30 years with Met Police/Greater Manchester Police

• 15 years as a Firearms Officer

• 10 years National firearms Instructor

• 7 years Post Incident Support

• Programme Selected Instructor

• Mental Health First Aid Instructor

• Wellbeing Coach with the Police Firearms Officers Association

• Trauma Risk Manager

“An inspirational and educational experience where I met some great people who shared their stories so intimately with me.”


Our USP is that we are not counsellors or therapists. Yet we do welcome advice, support and contributions from those that are. The contents of this site shall not be taken as professional or medical advice; it is for signposting information and education only.